Dr. Pilvi Torsti, Finland

Education expert

Director of European Training Foundation

Adjunct professor



I believe education is the most efficient way to change the world in the long term.

I am Director of the European Training Foundation (ETF). I have served in leadership and expert roles in the fields of education, learning, research, science, innovation and public policy in Finland and globally since 1990s. I have worked in the public sector, founded early education start-up HEI Schools (2015) and co-founded United World College in Mostar (2006). I am a specialist on former Yugoslavia region and have lived overseas in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy and Nepal.

In addition to education issues, I have been involved in broad range of issues as a Member of the Parliament and State Secretary of three ministries in Finland. Such issues include employment, communication and network policy (5G), AI, digitalization, data politics, immigration, culture, and strategic planning of transport & climate policies. I am UWC graduate (1995) and Eisenhower Fellow (2013).

Recent publications and presentations

Awards and recognitions

  • Knight First Class (FWR K I), Order of the White Rose of Finland 2020
  • Adjunct Professor of the Year 2020, University of Helsinki, Association of Adjunct Professors
  • Ian Gourlay Award for Outstanding Contribution to Service and Peace, International Board of United World Colleges 2007
  • Top Outstanding Young People Award in the Category “Enhancing the World Peace”, Junior Chamber of Commerce International in Finland, 2007
Pilvi Torsti with Queen Noor of Jordan
Pilvi Torsti after having received Knight First Class (FWR K I), Order of the White Rose of Finland -award

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